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Here's a new website design. Well, not so fresh because it was release a few weeks ago, but a blog post was due. This website is for Design Trends Construction, a construction company that specializes in kitchen renovation & remodeling located in Honolulu, Hawaii.


We have just released another website. This one is for Local I'a, Hawaii’s first and only CSF, located on the island of Oahu serving customers with fresh, local, and sustainably sourced seafood through a membership based business. Local I’a was established by Conservation International (CI) through a grant called the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Fisheries innovation Fund.


We have just released our latest website for North Shore Tacos. North Shore Tacos offers the best fish tacos you can find in Hawaii. They have two locations at the North Shore and is soon to be opening a third one in Waikiki as well. Their restaurant can be found in Hau'ula and the food truck is conveniently located at Sharks Cove in Pupukea, with a beautiful outdoors setup and a perfect view of the bay. They are both available 7 days a week.


We just developed our latest website demo: Property Management! Easy to use, cutting-edge technology, packed with powerful features, security layers, and all the tools any property management firm can ask from an employee representing them 24/7 online. 


DEZCOOL assists businesses with their IT infrastructure and technology needs over the Internet. They also provide top-notch online marketing to make sure their clients' websites are found on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.


In this day and age, becoming a travel photographer is not really as hyped a profession as it used to be. People have readily accessible images all over the internet and staying relevant has become a difficult task. Simply put, in this industry, you need to have a notable brand and/or name.

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