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Artistic Value of Photography

A Photograph captures a real life moment of the object actuality. It is not a rendering, an imitation or an interpretation but rather a trace of the object itself. If Photography is deemed as and art, that would be like undermining or underestimating it because art is more of an interpretation, a symbolic way of representing an object rather than its actuality of existence.

A good example is a drawing or painting, no matter how naturalistic and real the visualization expressions appear, it does not represent the real object itself which makes it lack some bits of reality in it. You can draw the face of a person, but that drawing cannot be as satisfactory as the way a photo would be.

Artistic Value of Photography

Owing to the emerging photo shop tools that photographers utilize always, many people have tried to redesign and enhance the effects of photos which have resulted into photography becoming an art. A lot of different software have been invented which can command the lenses to capture an object the way the photographer would want it to be rather than it actuality of existence. Before the coming of these software and modern photo editing applications, photography was far miles away from art because people used to take real photos. Today people learn photographing ideas like enhancing the effects of a camera, how to combine separate places, creating different photo backgrounds among many other skills to make stunning photos that are not a real resemblance of the actual object. This has made photography to be more of an art than a special field of its own arena.

The whole idea is that the photographer is the one who determines whether he or she would like to retain the true taste of photography or use the effects of a fancy camera to do artistic photography. To be open, the new generation values artistic photos more than the real photos. With the enhanced HD cameras, it is like no photo that is taken nowadays represent the object itself but rather and enhanced version of the object itself. This is so especially on photos that deal with landscape and natural figures, they appear like painting works in the streets. Visualizing the expressions of every photo, you can tell whether it was genuinely taken or enhanced through the camera effects. Real photos are taken on real time without increasing or reducing light so that they appear excellent, be real take photos of objects as natural as possible.


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