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Data Rescue

"Data Recovery for PC and Mac hard drives"

Data Rescue: Recovery and Management
I offer cost effective and efficient professional data rescue services. I handle data recovery and management to all operating systems, including Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux distributions.

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Data Management

Recovery and Backup options

Single Drive Rescue

Data loss might be the result of file system corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion of system files, operating system malfunction or occur when logical components of a hard drive are damaged not allowing the disk to be mounted.
Data retrieval in these cases is possible through a logical recovery procedure.

RAID Rescue

RAID recovery procedures require a high level of technical skills and specialized resources. The RAID system is restored through the array rebuild ensuring that the file system repair is error free. The reasons for data loss will vary and call for distinct rescue approaches.
With such a range of complexity, RAID Rescue shouldn't be attempted by just any person.

Data Backup

Even the most reliable computer can fail or experience data corruption. Computers can be left in taxis, dropped, or damaged in fires.
Implementing a backup plan is essential in order to have the ability to recover from disk failure, accidental deletion, file corruption, or complete destruction, including destruction of on-site backups.


30-day warranty on data rescue procedures, when the issue relates to the original job.

Backup Software

Includes complimentary reliable proprietary automated system backup utilities.

Quick Turnaround

Most data rescue jobs will take only two to three business days, but sometimes less.


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