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While traveling I work on online projects, practice photography and meet new people.
Here I share my team's work and personal experiences.

We just developed our latest website demo: Property Management! Easy to use, cutting-edge technology, packed with powerful features, security layers, and all the tools any property management firm can ask from an employee representing them 24/7 online. 


Dezcool Mainly Works To Assist People with Their IT Needs on the Internet and Design Web Sites. DezCool consists of assisting people with their computer needs on the internet and design of web sites.


In this day and age, becoming a travel photographer is not really as hyped a profession as it used to be. People have readily accessible images all over the internet and staying relevant has become a difficult task. Simply put, in this industry, you need to have a notable brand and/or name.


Over the years while travelling, focusing on photography and still working online as an IT service provider, I have come to realize that these three go really well together. Each day I find that there is not only great convenience but also great fulfilment in what I do.


IT services and software or web development seems to be like an interesting job to do but it is commonly considered as a desk job. A software engineer or web developer is supposed to spend his days and night at a desk behind a computer screen wearing his glasses and designing the stuff.


We all know what nomads are – people that have no permanent abode. In the past, these nomadic people were traveling from one place to another in order to locate fresh pasture for their livestock. The number of these nomads is very low today, but there is a new type of nomads today and their number is constantly growing. I am proud to be a member of this group of people known as digital nomads.


Good visual is an important element of a web design. The aesthetic value is the first thing that people notice when they visit a website. What the visitor sees, and how one interprets it can determine the actions one will take while on the website. 

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I travel the world practicing digital photography while helping my clients with their IT needs over the Internet.
My job consists of assisting people with computer needs over the internet and designing web sites.
My team's mission is to connect businesses to their customers, and to assist in their reliance on technology.

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