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Laptop Repair

"Emergency Break-Fix for PC & Mac Laptops"

Laptop Repair: Computer Fix
When a computer breaks down, work often stops. When work stops, so does income. DezCool offers laptop repair for both PC and Mac platforms.

I serve businesses and residents by offering laptop repair and system support.
I’ll quickly diagnose any problems and then carry out whatever repairs are necessary, fixing or replacing parts to get you back online as soon as possible.

If the repair isn’t feasible for some reason, I’ll work to recover your data securely and have it safely back in your hands as soon as I can.

The Most Common Computer Problems

And Their Causes

Laptop Won't Turn On

You hit the power button and nothing happens, or maybe the computer turns on and the fan and lights come on, but the machine shows a blank screen. This could be anything from a dead logic board to a faulty memory module.

Slow Performance

When files and applications are removed, all kinds of junk can get left behind. Useless files can accumulate and degrade system performance. Antivirus software, while vital to the health of a computer, can slow down a its performance.

Lockups and Freezes

The infamous "blue screen of death" brings the computer to a halt and is often caused by buggy software, a system running out of memory, RAM going bad, or a failing hard drive. Internal components could get loose causing errors, lockups, or shutdowns.

Strange Noises

Often due to a dying fan, as computers accumulate dust over time, and when fans get clogged, they can slow down, making an unpleasant grinding sound. Then there's the dreaded "click" of a dying hard drive — one of the most destructive PC problems there is.


Dying fans and poor ventilation can create computer problems as the computer heats up. Overheating can cause all sorts of laptop problems from mouse glitches, strange performance in software, or lockups, to momentarily display failure.

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Service Options

Hardware Repair

Repair services include full hardware diagnostics, parts ordering and installation, memory and hard drive upgrades, out of warranty Microsoft & Apple repair, and support to all brands of laptop computers.
Keep in mind, the cost of replacement will depend on the extent of the damage, and in some cases, it may not make sense to fix a computer with a major component malfunction.

Malware Removal

Viruses and spyware are the primary reason our clients contact us. Unlike other computer repair businesses, I will not "format and re-install" unless it is absolutely necessary.
I am very successful at removing viruses without the need to reinstall all of your software, thus saving you a lot of time and effort and getting your computer back to you the way you remember it.

Liquid Spills

When you bring your laptop computer for a liquid spill cleaning, I completely disassemble it and clean all affected parts.
This involves reseating internal components, cables and wires, and replacing any defective components (extra charges may apply). You'll get the same advice I'd give a good friend. If it makes more sense to purchase a new computer, I'll let you know.


I include a 30-day warranty on all repairs, as long as the issue relates to the original job.

Security Suite

I offer the Security Suite as a reliable alternative to expensive anti-malware programs.

Quick Turnaround

Most laptop repair jobs will take only two to three business days, but sometimes less.


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My job consists of assisting people with computer needs over the internet and designing web sites.
My mission is to connect businesses to their customers, and to assist in their reliance on technology.

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