Managed Computer Support

Decreased Downtime

Stay on the offense by monitoring your system 24/7 to verify that critical system failures are not looming. We proactively handle your IT maintenance and conduct prevention measures so you don’t have to worry about them.

Managed IT Support Service

Enhanced Productivity

A tailored solution to your growing business needs for future growth encompassing network security, data backup and system crash minimization reducing data loss and foreseeing potential hardware & software failures.

Managed Tech Support

Healthy IT Infrastructure

Stay one step ahead of problems and prevent costly downtime and data loss. We monitor your devices proactively through early recognition of problems in your IT infrastructure and an exclusive 24/7 notification system.


 Windows OS

Tech support app for Microsoft computers.
Compatible with all Windows units.

 Apple macOS

Tech support app for Apple computers.
Compatible with all Mac units.


Proactive Tech Support Services
Tech Support Feature 1

#1 Ongoing Managed Care

As the name suggests, the ongoing managed care involves IT services designed to span across the total life-cycle of a business’s computer infrastructure, right from planning, design, security, operations implementation and maintenance.

Such managed care services aim to reduce risk, save money and simplify computer infrastructure management while offering 24/7 monitoring services.
Tech Support Features 2

#2 One-Time Support

Unlike ongoing managed care, the one-time tech support focuses mainly on quick problem resolution, virus and malware removal and email management as well as computer infrastructure tune-ups (inspection and maintenance).

Our expertise enables us to quickly reach out to you and solve problems in record time. This support option is designed for clients looking for an emergency fix.
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System and custom backups are scheduled and monitored by the tech support software.

Ongoing System Monitoring

Ensure stability. The monitoring sensors provide early recognition of problems within your computer infrastructure and immediately warns us of potential issues.

24/7 Monitored Security

Our software protects your computers against threats such as viruses, trojans, rootkits and spyware. 24/7, no matter if online or offline.

Scheduled Security Scans

Security scans are conducted regularly, and any potential threats are reported to prevent them from becoming a real problem.

Managed Computer Tech Support in Hawaii

Managed Care computer tech support aimed at maintaining your IT infrastructure, entirely via the Internet. We are a 100% online support company based in Hawaii.
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