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Webmaster Support

“Stop trying to be your own webmaster.
I’ll handle the edits and take care of everything”

Webmaster Services: Website Support
My 8 years of experience using CMSs such as Joomla has enabled me to gain experience in designing and maintaining website built under this platform.
My professional services have gone into creating attractive, functional websites that are easily accessible and manageable. Webmaster Support services guarantee the health of these sites.

Service Options

The Webmaster Support options come in 3 flavors.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

You desire a fixed budget & routine scheduled maintenance. Your site needs work, some additional features & you can benefit from recurring work.

One Time Maintenance

Your site needs occasional work, fixes or added features. You prefer pay as you go, and fixing things as they come up. You have small projects.

Emergency Maintenance

Quick help in the event of a website hack. I love troubleshooting and have seen just about every type of website repair scenario you can imagine.


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Client Support

Not sure where to go? If you are already a client seeking assistance just visit the HELP center to send a support ticket.

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I travel the world while helping my clients with their IT needs and practicing digital photography.
My job consists of assisting people with computer needs over the internet and designing web sites.
My mission is to connect businesses to their customers, and to assist in their reliance on technology.

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